The long history of Minnetonka begins in 1946, when the signature moccasin was firstly worn by adventurous Americans returning back home from their wild trips to the West. In 1955, the iconic Thunderbird Moc was introduced, featuring the legendary supernatural bird of power and strength. In the 60’s and the 70’s, when the hippies redefined America’s identity through individuality, the Fringe Moc was introduced expressing love, freedom and individuality. In the 80’s, when the Western style trend became popular in Europe due to the American culture fascination, Minnetonkas started propelling to the forefront of fashion as the must-have item that it now is. In the 90’s, after keeping the dedicated Minnetonka customers happy for over four decades, the brand introduced a sandal collection inspired by their mocs and boots.

Today, since the new millennium brought the Bohemian look of music festivals back to the feet of top models and Hollywood actresses, the Minnetonkas are considered the “cult” fashion accessory of our times, fascinating everyone who loves the brand’s subculture, defined by its strong character.

Dedicated fans and fashion lovers have an individual relationship with their Minnetonkas celebrating the fact that there is something special about the irresistible Minnetonka moccasins, boots and sandals making them not just a pair of shoes but a unique experience synonymous with modern lifestyle.